Knots – In a Twist

A few knots to learn..

One of the most frustrating bits about fly fishing (as a beginner) is being able to set up your line and tie flies to your line.   Knot tying is something some of us struggle to learn.  I took the time to practice a different knot each evening or where I had a spare 10 mins here or there.  I spent hours on youtube perfecting my knots for fly fishing.  To help, you can choose 2 different colours of line as you start to learn, moving to your leader and tippet later.

Most people choose different knots based on their preference.  For example, I prefer using the Improved Clinch Knot over the Uni knot as I learnt the clinch knot as a kid fishing in my local harbour.  I will, however, at some point learn the uni knot to use.  I’m focussing on my favourite knots here:  Improved Clinch Knot, Blood Knot and Surgeons Knot and will include a video for the Uni Knot and Perfection Loop.  

Here are a few videos from youtube that helped me.  Please feel free to add your favourite videos in the comments section and I’ll add to the page:

Clinch Knot

My go to for tying flies to line.  As I mentioned it was one I was somewhat familiar with so it was easy to re-learn this one.


Blood Knot

A great knot to tie line together.

I also found this video that shows how to tie the blood knot using a toothpick.  I now carry tooth picks in my fishing bag. 🙂

Surgeons Knot 

another great knot to learn for attaching 2 lines together

Uni Knot

a very popular knot – good to learn.

Perfection Loop

Learn how to make a Perfection Loop for tying loop to loops

As I said these videos really helped me when I was starting out – hope they are helpful for you.

Tight knots!!