Lock down in Northern Ireland

While travelling to visit family in N.Ireland in March, I found myself stuck there during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Caenis Fly

As month 1 went to month 2 and so forth, my brother offered me some fishing gear.  Wearing his big size 11’s, we ventured out to the River Bush.  

The flies that were around us were small caenis with some blue winged olives so we adapted our fly situation and started catching some trout (and a little salmon).

I love that it is light til about 10.30/11.00 in Northern Ireland so you can fish late.  

After a few weeks of fishing, the rivers were shut down as travel restrictions were set in place for Covid-19.  We had to wait from April or so til June before the government allowed travel and  the waters were open again for fishing. 

The Bush is a great river to fish and it helped that we had it all to ourselves most of the time.  I learnt a lot and having Mark as my guide really helped with my casting placements and techniques.  Here are some pics we took:

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I finally made it back to Maine in July in time for some striper fishing.

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