Knot tying – frustrating times for beginners

Knot tying

One of the necessities of fly fishing independently is knowing how to tie flies on your line and how to tie line to line.

There are many variations of knots people use but I tend to have 3 or 4 go to knots that I use.  This page is designed for the beginner therefore I’m just covering a few I use.

When I started fly fishing in Maine, I used to keep some line near my sofa to practice my knot tying when I was just sitting about watching tv or whatever.  I quickly learnt the improved clinch knot, the surgeons knot, blood knot and the perfection loop all of which I’ve needed to use pre, during and post fishing trips.

I wanted to share some graphics I found helpful when scouring the ‘net and a share a link to some videos of these knots

Some people prefer the uni knot over the clinch – whatever your preference.. practice really does make perfect.

Blood Knot

 Uni Knot

Surgeons Knot

Improved Clinch

Uni Knot instructions Improved Clinch Knot

Click here to view videos of these knots

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  1. I also really liked this video for the uni knot/grinner knot that was really helpful.

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